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Brian Dooley SC appeared for a former police officer, as the respondent, in the NSW Court of Appeal in respect to a TPD claim. The appeal was dismissed. 

MetLife Insurance Limited v Sandstrom [2021] NSWCA 123


Misha Hammond was successful in obtaining dual entitlements to weekly compensation for an emergency services worker who exited the NSW Police Force with both physical and psychiatric injuries

Stewart v State of New South Wales (NSW Police Force) [2021] NSWPIC 133


Bar Journal Article by Jeremy Harrison 

Guess Who’s Back: The Reform of the Statutory Defence of Contextual Truth


Misha Hammond was successful in securing an increase in superannuation entitlements on behalf of an injured former police officer.

McAlister v SAS Trustee Corporation [2020] NSWDC 896


Michael Spartalis successfully defended a claim for malicious prosecution and wrongful detention brought against the State of New South Wales.

Hrdavec v State of New South Wales [2021] NSWSC 560


Case note by Jeremy Harrison

MetLife Insurance Ltd v Marie Hart and Aware Super Pty Ltd and the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal [2021] FCA 410 (30 April 2021)